So cool!

SPRUCE CHAMBERDr. Medvedeff and our colleague Dr. Jeff Chanton are currently in northern Minnesota braving the cold to sample porewater from beneath the ice at the SPRUCE site.  Jeff sent back the above photograph showing the progress of the chambers that are being built at this site.  They are so cool!   There will ultimately be 10 of these chambers in the bog that will manipulate both surface temperature (using propane heaters) and atmospheric carbon dioxide to explore the effects of these global change parameters on this wetland ecosystem.  Look at the size of these things compared to the contractors that are installing them.  Very excited to see them first-hand this summer.

UPDATE:  Check out this picture of Cassandra in front of one of the chambers. There is a door into the chamber. A. real. door.  So freakin’ cool! 

Mn Chambers_CM1

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