Acetate Paper Published

Happy to share that a new manuscript resulting from work with colleagues at the University of Oregon (as part of a recent NSF project) has been officially published!  The paper, entitled, “Homoacetogenesis: an underappreciated carbon pathway in peatlands” is now available online and will see the light of day in 2014 in the journal Soil Biology and BiochemistryCheck it out here.

This paper shows that the microbial process of homoacetogenesis (the formation of acetate by the reduction of CO2 using H2 as an electron donor) might be an important control over carbon and CH4 cycling in peatland soils.  This is despite commonly held assumptions that this process plays a minor role.  Once again, this work reminds me that what we think we know about nature may be very far from reality!  Congrats to Rongzhong Ye (a former post-doc on the project, currently at UC Davis) for pushing this one through the review process.

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