The Pickleweed and back to MN

I was asked to submit an brief write up on the soil carbon project completed by the Fall 2011 Ecosystem Ecology class at the Huntington Beach Wetlands.  My take on the project was recently published in their newsletter, The Pickleweed.  I’m still really proud of our efforts on this project and of the resulting paper.

In other news, we head back to Minnesota for a second field campaign on July 17.  So far it looks like the 3 bog sites we’ve selected differ dramatically in terms of methane dynamics and we’re excited to continue trying to figure out why.  I’m really happy that we found a way to allow Jes Mosolf (Environmental Science and Policy, Class of 2013) to join us on this trip.  Jes has been doing some great work on organic matter reduction in these soils but this will be her first time getting her boots wet in an actual peatland.  We’ll be collecting lots of soil and returning to the University or Oregon to use her electron shuttling assay to look at organic matter redox status for the first time in an in situ situation.  We’re hoping for some really cool results.

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