Heading Up to MInnesota

I leave tomorrow bright and early for a trip up to the Spruce and Peatlands Responses Under Climatic and Environmental Change (SPRUCE) field site in the Marcell Experimental Forest in Northern Minnesota.  I’ll be visiting the S1 Bog which will be home to a large, mult-factor climate change manipulation experiment.  We recently received funding from the Department of Energy to explore methane dynamics in the context of this larger experiment.

The team at ORNL that is running the overall project has made some amazing project on the infrastructure needed to elevate atmospheric CO2 and heat both the air and the top couple of meters at the site.  The treatments won’t actual start for a while, so we’re just going to be trying out a few new field techniques and getting a feel for the site.  In addition to getting a feel for the place, I’m excited to catch up with old friend and colleagues.

Update: I had a great trip to the field site and felt like we really helped with their Time Zero sampling (lots of peat frozen for future analyses).  We collected some good preliminary samples to test out some methods and came up with a long list of new ideas to work on.  It was also great to catch up with everyone and good to meet some new colleagues.  I especially enjoyed visiting with Dr. Colleen Iversen.  Colleen and I shared an office while we were graduate students and she is now a Staff Scientist at ORNL.

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