pH Manuscript now in Soil Biology & Biochemistry

A hearty congrats to Dr. Rongzhong Ye who got our pH manuscript accepted. This paper, on which I am a co-author is entitled, “pH controls over anaerobic carbon mineralization, the efficiency of methane production, and methanogenic pathways in peatlands across an ombrotrophiceminerotrophic gradient” and was published in Soil Biology & Biochemistry 54: 36-47 (email for a reprint if the link doesn’t work).  While a number of previous studies have demonstrated that pH is an important control on peatland carbon cycling, this work is the most thorough to date.  This is one of the earliest manuscripts to come out of our NSF-funded study exploring the controls on methane dynamics across the ombrotrophic-minerotrophic peatland gradient.  We’re very close with a number of others and hope to share more good news soon!

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